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What could I do next with Drama?

You can study Drama as a degree or combine it with another degree such as English. You might consider applying for drama school and it is not just actors they are looking for: there are courses in design, directing and producing.

The Performing Arts are a major part of the creative and cultural industries in the UK. It is the second largest sector after Design. Overall, the industry contributes £3.5 billion to the UK economy. The performing arts industry employs 148,030, with actors and entertainers accounting for 23 per cent of this total workforce. There are 5,480 businesses and 101,593 people working in the performing arts sector. The UK's creative industries have been identified as a strategic growth sector by the government. 

Outside of the industry you might wish to go into a job where it is useful to have had experience of Drama, or where you will need to use some of the skills developed during this course. These might include careers in such fields as:

  • law, teaching, public speaking
  • retail, sales and marketing, travel and tourism
  • any career that involves meeting people face to face

The study of Drama can help you develop transferable skills which you can take into any career or job.


As well as acquiring the skills involved in creating and performing Drama, you will also be able to acquire skills in working with others, problem solving and communication. You will find that Drama will help you feel more self-confident and prepare you to deal with a range of different situations and people.


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