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Trip to Criterion Games Studios

Trip to Game Studios

Thanks to Mr Talbert’s work at BAFTA to help encourage more girls into the video games industry, 8 Key Stage 3 had the unique opportunity to visit two leading games studios Criterion Games (Need for Speed & Burnout) and Media Molecule (Little Big Planet & Tearaway) on the 24th June 2013.

It was a jam packed day where the girls were able to meet various staff and learn about how games are produced from concept to the final product. At Criterion the girls were able to pay the new Need for Speed Rivals game and had to compete against each other to see who could get the best lap Top Gear style. At Media Molecule they were able to see the fantastic creative work of the Media Molecule team and see the development of their upcoming already awarding game Tearaway. Also, they were able to play with the many BAFTA awards that the studio had received for their Little Big Planet games. Further to this the girls had two inspirational talks from Fiona Sperry (Studio Director at Criterion Games) and Siobhan Reddy (Studio Director at Media Molecule) on how they want more females in the game industry.


The girls go to see a different side of the games industry and how there are a lack of females in the games industry. The girls also got loads of free food, games and had a chance to relax and create their own paper cut out squirrel which was fun. It really changed their perceptions and also encouraged them to consider a career in the games industry.    

It did not stop there, after the trip the girls were tasked with having to produce a video of their experience for Mr Talbert’s colleagues at BAFTA on how they can encourage more girls into the games industry. The response from the BAFTA was amazing and they will be using some of the girls’ video for future BAFTA presentations.


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