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The Bigger Better Library

Students are enjoying a much bigger library this term. Following the completion of the new block the classroom next door to the library became available and the party wall between them was knocked down over Christmas. This has opened up a big new space extending the very cramped original room and we are all very grateful to the school and the governors.

The whole library had to be packed into crates (11000 books, shelves, computers, laptops etc.) so that the combined space could be re-decorated and carpeted. This half term we have been busy unpacking and re-arranging as new shelving and furniture has arrived. The final items, mobile shelving units, have just arrived this week and all the books are finally out of boxes. There is a new soft chair area, extra computers and laptops and much more room for the very popular fiction stock. We are keeping everything flexible and moveable to allow for different uses of the space and we have are particularly pleased to be able to bring ‘in house’ our three lunchtime clubs (two Reading groups and a Manga Drawing Club).


We have been able to de-clutter the original main room of extra stands, chairs and folding tables and of course all the students have more space.  It is now hard to remember how the original small fiction area could have held all our books with a lot doubled up behind the fronting shelves .



These are some comments from the girls:


‘I like the new library, it’s really big and there are a lot more books than before. It is also easier to find books because everything is in the right place. There are more computers so more people can quickly do their homework if they need to’. (Claudia 9O)


‘I like the new library because it is very big and very organised.’


‘The chairs are very comfy’


‘It is bigger so that when students need to have access to do their homework they have the space and it is more comfortable, not so squashy’  (Reihyanna 7G)



‘I love the new library extension; it’s spacious and is an amazing environment to work in and a great place to be. Personally it has influenced the amount of time I spend in the library. Thank-you for our new library! xoxo ‘ – Macy 8O


‘The new library is definitely an improvement it feels more like a library and due to the space we can have more books and activities in the library’ – Alanna 90



‘The new extension to the library makes it so much more spacious and the library won’t get so full as often like before and  more people will be able to do homework’. (Emmanuella  8O)


‘I like it cause it very big and easy to find books’. Zee 9red



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