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Science Week 2015

SCIENCE WEEK 16-20 March 2015

Inspire workshops

On Monday and Tuesday, our visiting Inspire teacher Louise Karagiannidis held workshops during lessons about polymers in food and some classes did an exciting experiment to synthesize edible spherical polymers. Some girls ate their products straight away whilst others mixed them with water for a flavoured drink!

Year 10 students making polymers

On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, the Inspire Activity in lessons was about Sound, and our visitor Maria Busl did a great job of differentiating this activity across the Key Stages. Sixth formers revised the formation of stationary waves and calculated the speed of methane in Ruben’s cube, whilst younger students learnt how nodes form and how different frequencies of sound waves affect the shape of the “visible” waves. On the diagram below are some of the best attempts!

7Y Building Bridges Project

7 Yellow visited the Science Museum as part of the ‘Building Bridges’ project. They explored the ‘making of the modern world’ and the ‘who am I?’ galleries, working in groups to solve various problems. They then completed a science journalism task on the use of MRI imaging.

Royal Society of Medicine Evening Lecture

Jordon Overton, Oyin Akinsanya and Princess Imoru, some of our aspiring medics, joined me and Miss Hastings for an evening lecture at the Royal Society of Medicine on Sport and Exercise Medicine at the Olympics, on Tuesday 17th March.  The speaker was Dr Budgett, a consultant in sports and exercise medicine. He is also an Olympic Gold Medalist, wining gold at the 1984 Los Angeles games in the rowing coxed fours, alongside Steven Redgrave, Martin Cross, Andy Holmes, and Adrian Ellison. The lecture was a brilliant opportunity for our young people to learn more about sports and exercise medicine and get a taste of university life.     

Year 8 Assembly

Year 8 Science week Assembly entitled ‘why science is compulsory in Secondary schools’ went extremely well. Staff and studnets were mesmorised by the science demonstations. The year 8 students were surely more excited about doing science science after the assembly! 

Science week Lectures at Imperial University

Science Gifted and Talented students attended two lectures at the Imperial College London University during science week. The first lecture on the 18th of March was entiteld ‘Artificial Cells and tractor beams-no longer science fiction’. This was an eye opener for both staff and students who attended.  Students were fascinated with the advancement in laser technology and and how it was used in the treatment of cancer.

The second lecture on Friday the 20th March was entitled ‘The science of Cosmic Disaster’. Again the students were intruiged about the dangers and the possibility of a cosmic disaster that could destroy the earth and all it’s life. One of the Asteroids that were discussed was actually discovered by and named after the presenter from Imperial University!

Year 9 science week project- Wind powered Generator

All year 9 students attempted to make a wind powered genitor. They were particularly excited about this project when they realised that it could be used to charge their mobile phones! 

We were kindly provided with resources for this project by members of Akzo Nobel.

Year 7 Science Week CSI project- Who killed Mr Laing?

Once again, the Year 7 students were excited about the prospect of acting as a Crime Scene Investigator for the week. They were presented by a scenario in the form of a video clips showing the events leading up to the ‘murder’ of a science teacher.  They performed various experiments in order to obtain evidence , eliminate suspects and hence identify the main suspect of the crime. After completing the task, they were shown another video of the incarceration of the member of staff who was the main suspect.

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