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Physics Lectures at Imperial College

 Dark matter: dark energy: dark gravity

On the evening of Tuesday 28th January 14 students from years 11, 12 and 13 made their way to the Imperial College in South Kensington to attend a Physics lecture organised by Friends of Imperial Physics.  Before the lecture, the girls were treated to hot chocolate, courtesy of Mr Breslin.

The lecture, “Dark matter: dark energy: dark gravity” was delivered by Alan Heavens, Professor of Astrophysics, Director Imperial Centre for Inference and Cosmology. Our SSSO girls were welcomed by the speaker as the largest school group and youngest members of the audience!

The lecture provided a fascinating insight into one of the greatest mysteries of the universe: dark matter and dark energy, which, together, are thought to constitute up to 96% of our universe, yet we, as yet, have no idea what they are! The science behind these findings was explained very well, though most girls left wishing they’d heard more about the current research in this field.

The girls must have impressed: a few days later, we were emailed complimentary free tickets for the next Friends of Imperial lecture on Quantum Physics. We foresee the partnership providing more opportunities for our students.

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