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Physics Club

Physics club

This term has seen the launch of the Physics club, which has been well attended by a group of keen year 11 students.

Tuesday after school sessions have included

  • a visit by Professor Tennyson who spoke to us about how scientists are actively looking for signs of alien life outside the Solar System
  • a talk by a PhD student Hugh Price on the strangeness of Quantum Physics, illustrating very effectively (using fruit!) how particles can be at different places at the same time, and
  • introductory workshops on Special Relativity and General Relativity, for which out technician Dimitrios especially prepared a latex space-time curvature (shown on picture).

Next term, there will be a session on the nature of TIME (as requested). For the remainder of the year these sessions will be allocated to revising GCSE Physics topics – all year 11 students will be welcome to attend.


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