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OCR Nationals in Health, Social Care and Early Years Level 3


At level 3 students build upon their work-related skills and knowledge. Issues and topics are studied at a more in depth level. Students have the opportunity to obtain a First Aid qualification and they also undertake voluntary work experience in a Health and Social Care setting. Students complete 6 units at this level.

The units studied are:

  • Working to quality practice in care settings – In this unit students learn about the care values and the key principles of quality care.
  • Working with service users in care settings – Issues such as stereotyping and prejudice are explored. Students also improve their understanding of different forms of communication.
  • Behavioural awareness in care – The development of behaviour in children, adolescents and adults is examined alongside the theories which have been put forward to explain development at these life stages.
  • Applied practical care in care settings – The range of practical skills required in caring are explored in this unit. Students also get the opportunity to carry out practical tasks.
  • Advanced First Aid and Health and Safety – Students learn how to carry out basic first aid. They also obtain a first aid qualification as a result of studying this unit.
  • Developing skills for Voluntary work – Students research a range of governmental and non-governmental organisations that operate both nationally and internationally. They also take part in a voluntary work placement.


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