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Key Stage 5 Physics

Physics is the most fundamental of all the physical sciences. Its laws are engrained in our understanding of the world and have proved vital in advancing our technologies. 

Think of a famous scientist, and you bet it will be a Physicist. Ask yourself – why?

Physics is much more than simply learning and understanding. It’s about observing the nature, and, in the best of minds, using imagination and insight to formulate theories. The underlying simplicity of Physics is, simply, beautiful. 

Because Physics is an exact science, it relies on mathematics rather heavily. At KS5, studying Maths is highly recommended, although it is not an essential requirement for the course.


The really easy thing about Physics at KS5 is that there is very little to memorise. The formulae are given, as are the constants. The focus is, almost completely, on APPLYING knowledge, SOLVING problems, INVESTIGATING and UNDERSTANDING concepts.  


Studying Physics at A level provides students with a solid foundation of the major areas in Physics, and prepares them for the study of the subject at University level. The course is also designed to develop students’ analytical and problem-solving skills, logical thinking and independent study skills.  


At SSSO, we have strong links with Universities in London, Oxford and Cambridge. There is always plenty going on inside and outside of class. Topics are taught using a variety of concept and content-led approaches, and practical work is an integral part of the course.
Physics graduates and post graduates visit us to tell our students about life and work beyond secondary education. We organise trips to lectures, seminars and conferences. We even take our students abroad, to see for themselves the Particle Physics experiments at CERN, Geneva.


OCR Physics A specification at a glance:


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