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Key Stage 5


“The important thing is not to stop questioning” Albert Einstein


Religious Studies AS and A2 is one of the most exciting and fast growing courses in the UK with a rapidly increasing uptake by students of all backgrounds. Both universities and employers see it as a very desirable qualification for their intake to have especially in the fields of Medicine and Law. 

The subject considers the fundamental questions of human existence, examining the philosophical and ethical dilemmas which have challenged people throughout the ages. It applies developments in human thought to the current philosophical and ethical issues of today. Religious Studies A Level is an academically rigorous and enjoyable course. It will challenge you as a person. Here is your opportunity to ask and find answers to the most important questions in life.


What you will learn:

The course is set out as shown below. There is no coursework for this qualification and all units are examined. The AS examination consists of a 1 ½ hour exam paper for each unit where you will answer two two-part essay questions from a choice of four. Similarly, the A2 exam is a 1 ½ hour exam paper for each unit where you will answer two open essay style questions from a choice of four.





Philosophy units

Ancient Greek influences on philosophy of religion;

Judaeo-Christian influences on philosophy of religion;

Traditional arguments for the existence of God;

Challenges to religious belief.

Religious language;

Experience and religion;

Nature of God;

Life and death;


Ethics units

Ethical theories;

Applied ethics topics including abortion, euthanasia, genetic engineering and war.



Free will and determinism;


Virtue ethics;

Applied ethics topics.


How you will learn:

This course is taught using a wide variety of teaching and learning methods. Class discussions, group presentations, online investigations, drama and art are usual class based study methods. The use of film, conferences and speakers are also used with learning occurring outside school each term. This is all supplemented by whole class teaching with each student being provided with an excellent set of textbook resources to be used for both class and personal study for the duration of the course.


Suggested reading and web resources:

The main textbook used for this course is OCR RS Philosophy & Ethics by Taylor, Eyre and Knight. However, students receive a reading list at the beginning of the course which gives more detailed material specific to each individual unit.

Helpful websites include www.rsrevision.com and www.tutor2u.net/blog/index.php/religious-studies


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