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Key Stage 4


 “The important thing is not to stop questioning” Albert Einstein

Religious Studies GCSE focuses on you valuing yourselves and others as unique human beings. It promotes self-awareness, respect, open-mindedness, appreciation and wonder at the universe in which we live. RS supports you in asking the most important questions in life, asked by people for millions of years.
You will study:
St. Saviour’s & St. Olave’s follow the OCR course Religious Studies B: Philosophy and Ethics. Within this you will study the following four units, exploring peoples’ different responses to the questions raised within each. You will study Christian responses in detail.

Philosophy 1

Philosophy 2

Ethics 1

Ethics 2

  • Belief about deity
  • The end of life
  • Good and evil
  • Religion and science 
  • Religion and human relationships
  • Religion and medical ethics 
  • Religion, peace and justice
  • Religion and equality
 You will learn the following skills:
► How to interpret and evaluate pieces of information;
► How to communicate and apply your knowledge;
► How to describe and analyse the key features of the religions studied;
► Critical thinking and problem solving.
You will be assessed through external examination. There is NO COURSEWORK for this subject. You will take four examination papers; both cover the full range of grades G to A*. You will answer questions on all four of the units covered.
Suggested reading and web resources:


Helpful websites include www.bbc.co.uk/schools/gcsebitesize/rs/ and www.reonline.org.uk/ks4/indexx.php

The main textbook used for this course is GCSE Religious Studies: Philosophy and Applied Ethics for OCR B by Jon Mayled. 


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