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Key Stage 4

English Language & English Literature

Examination Board: AQA

All students will follow GCSEs in ‘English Language’ and ‘English Literature’. These count as two separate GCSEs. There will be no controlled assessments.


Paper 1: Explorations in Creative Reading and Writing (50% of GCSE)

Written examination 1hour 45mins

Section A: Reading (one literature fiction text)

Section B: Writing (descriptive or narrative writing)


Paper 2: Writers' Viewpoints and Perspectives (50% of GCSE)

Written examination 1hour 45mins

Section A: Reading (one non-fiction text and one literary non-fiction text)

Section B: Writing (writing to present a viewpoint)


Non-examination Assessment: Spoken Language (students will be assessed on their skills in presenting, responding to questions and feedback, and their use of Standard English).




Paper 1: Shakespeare and the Nineteenth-Century Novel.

Written examination 1 hour 45 mins


Section A: Shakespeare – students will answer one question of their choice on ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and on an extract from the play as a whole.

Section B: The nineteenth-century novel – students will answer one question about ‘A Christmas Carol’ and write in detail about an extract from the novel and then on the novel as a whole.


Paper 2: Modern Texts and Poetry.

Written examination 2 hour 15 minutes


Section A: Modern Texts – students will answer one essay question on J. B. Priestley’s play ‘An Inspector Calls’.


Section B: Poetry – students answer one comparative question from the ‘Relationships’ cluster of the ‘Poetry Anthology’.


Section C: Unseen Poetry – students will answer one question on one unseen poem and one question comparing this poem with a second unseen poem.




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