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Key Stage 3


Students in years 7, 8 and 9 all undertake the study of a wide variety of exciting units in English. In years 7 and 8, girls will be taught in their mixed ability form groups. All girls will do a fiction, poetry, Shakespeare, media, language research and writing unit in year 7 and 8. Novels studied range from ‘Skellig’ about a mythical creature to ‘Underground to Canada’ about the escape of two slave girls from a plantation into Canada. Built into these units are considerable opportunities for developing group work, ICT skills and drama productions, with some classes creating and filming their own news programmes and plays.

In year 9, the girls continue to develop the skills they have acquired in years 7 and 8. They will undertake a Shakespeare project and make a start on their GCSE coursework.

Some comments from the girls on what they have enjoyed studying this year:

  • ‘My favourite topic was Baby Talk because it was like figuring out how we got here now.’
  • ‘My favourite subject in English is Underground to Canada because the class get a chance to read together, learn new words and get to see a bit of history about slaves and what they would do to get out of slavery.’
  • ‘My favourite topic was Macbeth because we got to write and perform our own versions of the play.’

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