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Behaviour Policy

At St Saviour’s & St Olave’s School, we value our school and each other and work hard to create a cohesive
community. As an Anglican school we seek to ensure that each of us has the maximum opportunity to fulfil our God
given potential. We aim to develop the characters of those in our community to reflect the fruit of the Spirit, such as
kindness and self-control. Emphasis is placed on developing self-discipline, respect for other members of the
community, taking responsibility for one’s own actions, and the creation of an orderly working environment.
We expect good behaviour as the norm from all students at all times and in all situations, and all staff have a role to
play in supporting students to meet this expectation. By focusing attention on achievement in school work,
extracurricular activities, and positive contributions to the community, positive behaviour is reinforced. It is further
supported by consistent use of systems and structures by all members of staff, rewarding good behaviour and
ensuring consequences follow inappropriate behaviour.
Underlying Principles
Every member of our community, including all staff, students and parents, will be treated with respect and dignity, living out our belief that we are all made in the image of God. Rudeness is never acceptable.
All staff have both the authority and responsibility for managing behaviour of students. This is exercised
in a professional manner which models expectations to students and supports each other. We accept some students may need to learn different behaviours, and we believe we can support them to make better choices of behaviour for learning.
In practice we will reward positive behaviour, and apply consequences to negative behaviour, aiming for a 3:1 ratio of reward to consequence. We are consistent in our expectations and tolerance, and persistent about rewarding
and challenging.
Key People and Roles
Tutors – ensure students are ready for the day, tutor group team-builders, gatekeepers of information on tutees.
Subject teachers – manage behaviour from greeting in the corridor to orderly dismissal
DoLs – monitor behaviour across all subjects in their year group, gatekeepers of referrals
HoDs – monitor behaviour across all year groups in their subject
SLT – Support behaviour management in the year groups and subjects line managed
Inclusion team
- Pastoral Support work at the direction of DoLs to support all students in their year group
- Learning Mentors support referred students to overcome barriers to learning
- Specialist Behaviour Support works with referred students deal more constructively with anger issues
- Therapists work with referred students to overcome higher level emotional and mental health issues
- External agencies work with students with the highest level of emotional and mental health issues
Support staff
- Admin staff ensure efficient record keeping and information is passed on in a timely manner
- Lunchtime supervisors encourage positive student behaviours and report concerns
Consistent Routines (lessons)
For the start of each lesson departments determine their expectations which enable learning to begin as
soon as possible. This must include greeting students at the door and managing the entry process. Where
corridor space allows for students to line up this must be quiet and calm.
Students should routinely present their diaries on their desks and this should be checked by the classroom
Registers must be taken in every lesson, expecting the same response of ‘yes miss’ or ‘yes sir’
The end of EVERY lesson must be controlled by teacher, with students standing behind their chairs and
dismissed when they are quiet and the room is tidy. Their exit in to the corridor should be supervised and
The one classroom rule is displayed in every classroom and referred to as necessary. It is;
RESPECT Yourself, Others, Your environment, Our learning.
Consistent Routines (registration)
Tutors should ensure their tutor group can efficiently line up in alphabetical in order to facilitate speedy
checks on uniform and diaries, and for emergency drills
Tutors ensure students know their route to assembly and seating arrangements for each assembly venue
Tutors should remind students to take everything they need for the morning or afternoon session when they
leave registration.
Lockers to be cleared at the end of each term
Establish TFTD routine of silence for the reading and prayer, and discussion to be respectful of variety of

Further details about our policy are available on request.

Student Code of Conduct

Everyone in our school community is of value and is deserving of

courtesy, consideration and kindness.

1.    Students are expected to behave in an orderly and self controlled way and to show respect for members of         staff and for each other.

2.     In class, make it as easy as possible for everyone to learn and for the teacher to teach. (This means arriving          on time with everything you need for that lesson, beginning and ending the lesson in a courteous and               orderly way, listening carefully, following instructions, helping each other when appropriate and being quiet         and sensible at all times).

3.     Move gently and quietly about the school. (This means never running, barging or shouting, but being ready        to help by opening doors, standing back to let people pass and helping to carry things).

4.     Always speak politely to everyone, use a quiet voice and maintain silence when required.

5.     School buildings and equipment must be treated at all times with care and respect. Keep the school clean           and tidy so that it is a welcoming place of which we can all be proud.

6.    Correct and full school uniform must always be worn (including to and from school). Always remember that       St Saviour’s & St Olave’s reputation depends on how you look and how you behave.

7.    Mobile phones, digital audio equipment and other expensive and potentially disruptive items are not                 allowed in school.

8.    No girl may leave school without permission.

9.    Eating and drinking are not permitted in classrooms and chewing gum may not be brought on to the school        premises.

10.   Smoking on school premises is absolutely forbidden at all times, including electronic cigarettes.

11.   Any behaviour that brings the school into disrepute may result in exclusion from school, including abuse of        the school's email, internet and computer systems.

12.   Involvement with illegal substances, including alcohol, on school premises or acting in a way that endangers        others will lead to exclusion from school.


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