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Access Arrangements


Certain students are entitled to Access Arrangements in their examinations because they have a learning difficulty or disability. The learning difficulty will often be dyslexia, which means they have difficulty reading written text. This is not linked to intelligence and many dyslexic people are highly intelligent.
Because English is the only examination which specifically tests English, we can read other examinations to students. The rules around this are very strict and for external examinations we have to submit the results of testing, plus a diagnostic report. Only then can we read.
Reading examinations to students removes disadvantage, but must not give unfair advantage, ie we DO NOT help students in any way at all. If we did this we would be in serious trouble.
Students who have their GCSE examination papers read to them must have a history of both need and provision lower down the school. Therefore during whole school exam week, we also read to a small number of students.

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