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Nikon Photography School

This year our Art Department has developed a partnership with the Nikon Photography School in Oxford Circus. We are the only school in London to have this opportunity so far and Nikon have been more than complimentry about our students commitment, enthusiasm and creative skills. More students will get the chance to go on courses at the school so watch this space!

"I have really enjoyed working with the Nikon Photography School. It was fun and it broadened my ideas and technical knowledge of photography. I learnt about lighting and so many different ways to take a photo. I was able to experiment and use what I have gained during the session in my own project which helped me with my A-level. I have also started to think outside the box after the sessions and produced better images. One of the images I took was when the hair froze in the air with a guitar in the models hand. I would never have known how to do that if it wasn't for the things I have learnt. It was hard to take the shot but it was worth it and I was proud of the photo that I took. Having the experience at the Nikon School opened up more opportunities that I can take in the future. I really had fun and would like to say thank you for giving me the opportunity."

Altea Bautista yr 12

A Church Of England Secondary Girls' School and Sixth Form Centre