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The Bishop of Woolwich Visits SSSO

Once again we welcomed the Bishop of Woolwich, The Right Reverend Dr Michael Ipgrave to our school in order to present Bibles to our year 7s.
The Bishop spoke at assembly, delivering a powerful message of peace and reconciliation as he explained the way that a Christian priest and Muslim imam in Nigeria had overcome not only their differences but their hatred of one another, in order that they might work together for the common good - for peace.
The teachings of love and peace are at the heart of Jesus' teaching and, as the year 7 stayed on to receive their Bibles, they turned to Luke's Gospel as a way into those key teachings.
Luke's Gospel focuses on the way that Jesus' message is for everyone, of any race, age or gender - something that we emphasise at our Church of England School. As a key figure within that Church, we are grateful for The Bishop's visit and also to the Governors for their generous provision of these Bibles for our year 7 girls.

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