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School Carol Service

Called by name this Christmas

How would you have felt if you were Mary, called by Gabriel 2000 years ago to bear God's son? How strange must it have been to be a shepherd, tending the flocks one night when angels visit, telling you to visit a strange stable in a town some distance away? These were some of the questions at the heart of the Carol Service this year. We considered afresh the nativity story through traditional Bible readings but also dramatic responses, as key characters related their feelings and emotions at being called by name that first Christmas.

The readers and responders did a fantastic job at bringing home that essential Christmas message that God called ordinary people for an extraordinary purpose. Combining this with the fantastic singing from the range of school choirs, music from individual musicians, and the festive sound of the brass band upon departure, we were spoilt with the talent and joy that is so obviously present in the school community of which we are a part.

So many girls and staff were involved in creating a magnificent service and our thanks must extend to them all. But we also remember the message that Christmas is not just for some of us, but for all of us.

God still calls us by name this Christmas, how will we respond?

A Church Of England Secondary Girls' School and Sixth Form Centre