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6th Form Link Governor Visit

6th Form Link Governor Visit

On Friday 6th December, Mrs Jayne Qureshi, Link Governor for 6th Form, visited the school to experience the work of girls and staff in the senior part of the school. The day started with the opportunity to attend a 6th Form briefing. This involved an excellent singing practice ahead of the Carol Service as well as a talk from Mr Sanders about the distinctly Church of England nature of this important service.

From there, Mrs Qureshi attended a number of 6th Form and Key Stage 4 lessons to see the work going on in a range of subjects as well as meeting with senior staff.

The final part of her visit saw her meet with groups of students at both break time and lunchtime to get a clear sense of what life was like in the 6th Form at St Saviour’s and St Olave’s.

Commenting on her visit, Mrs Qureshi said "In all classes I found the students to be engaged, focused and interested in their learning. The girls were supportive of one another, and worked well together in a very co-operative way...The girls were clearly enjoying themselves in all the lessons I visited....Behaviour was excellent, the environment was fit for purpose, and students appeared to have all the resources they required to learn."

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