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Year 9 Trip To Lille

Year 9 trip to Lille, France

On the 6th December Year 9 students were given the chance to go to Lille in France.

We left school early in the morning and arrived in the afternoon ready for a day of shopping in the Christmas market.

As soon as we entered the market wonderful smells wafted through our noses. There were scrumptious delicacies which enticed us. I bought a waffle smothered in nutella that tasted delicious.

The market was filled with stalls selling multi-coloured sweets, decorative ornaments, hand-crafted door hangers and more. On top of these were the shops surrounding the market, for example Sephora and Lush, to mention a few.

It was an exciting day filled with talking (French), eating and most importantly shopping!

Report by Nathania Simpson-Roberts 9 Red

A Church Of England Secondary Girls' School and Sixth Form Centre