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Black History Month Review


Black History month was celebrated at SSSO with a wide array of cross curriculum events and activities
to promote the cultural diversity of our school.
We acknowledged and recognised the contributions of ethnic minorities from around the world, both past and present.

Students were able to taste a variety of different food during break and lunchtimes and watch thought provoking movies, with popcorn thrown in for a cinematic experience!

Yr.7 & 8's relaxed listening to stories told from around the world and unleashed their creative side by making clay pots.

All students were invited to keep fit and try different dance workshops. They were able to experience Capoeira, African and street dance. They also wrote poetry with a bit of musical history added into the mix with a professional contemporary lyricist.

History untold or forgotten was evoked by a talk to Yr.11s and KS5 from a History Academic from SOAS (The School of Oriental and African Studies), organised by the History Department . The Science Department taught lessons about Lupus and Sickle Cell to KS3, diseases which are prone to ethnic minorities, and the Maths Department investigated the cultural demographics of the local area.

Students and staff were able to come together in assemblies to listen to stories of famous people and unsung heroes who helped to make a difference or a stand. We had the opportunity to showcase some creative forces to educate and inspire the students.  This involved a short drama sketch from our Yr.11 students - Leanna Batt, Trisha Chinzara & Holly Watson about ‘Joe Clough’ the first Black Bus Driver in the UK, AGM Gospel Choir who lifted the hall with their harmonious voices, and spoken-word poet David Neita who spoke with vibrancy and deep meaning.

Money raised from some of the activities including a Thursday mission collection by the students, will be donated to Lupus UK and The Sickle Cell charity.

Thank you to all students and staff who participated in the events or workshops, and to Ms Bowens, who organised this year’s Black History Month.

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