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Readathon  is on during the 11th-15th November

What is Readathon?

Readathon aims to promote whole school reading and also collect money for charity as some girls are sponsored to read by family and friends. It takes place at St Saviour’s every year in November. This year it’s the week of 11th-15th November.

Girls in lower school (and staff) need to have a book to read during the last 20 minutes of lesson 4 everyday that week, whatever lesson they’re in. 

Sponsor forms can be obtained from the English teachers or from the library and the money and form returned by Friday, 6th December at the latest and should be given back to a student’s English teacher or to the library.

Where the money will go:

The money raised by Readathon is donated equally to CLIC Sargent and The Roald Dahl Foundation, who between them spend it primarily caring for children and young people in the UK suffering from cancer, Hodgkin's disease, leukaemia, epilepsy, blood disorders or acquired brain injury.


As part of the week there will be a Bookfair  during lunchtime in the Library on Thursday 14th  November. New books will be mostly priced at just £2.00 each.


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