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Sports Day Results 2013

Sports day was a huge success again this year, with beautiful weather conditions, a sound system with a suitably competitive playlist, and the addition of certificate ceremonies for bronze, silver and gold winners to be announced to all present.

The results were as follows:

Mike Whyte memorial trophy for staff and 6th form relay:

The winners were a staff team (Williams, Mortimer, Pilgrim, Quartey) in 55.5 seconds.

6th form V staff rounder’s trophy:

The winners were staff with a score of 18.5 - 12

6th form Tennis Tournament winner:  Lola Famose

Sports Day Records broken:

Deborah Adereti 100m in a time of 12.8 seconds beating the record that has stood since 2004!

Moyo Abiona throwing the shot 10.31 meters, beating her own record which she set last year.

Rounder’s tournament winners:

·       Yr 7- Blue

  • Yr 8- Yellow
  • Yr 9- Blue


Year 10 Football tournament winners: 10 Red

The track & field score is the combined score for each form for Track & Field and either rounders (Yr 7- 9) or football (Yr 10)

Track and field winners Year 7

5th- yellow

4th- red

3rd- green

2nd- Blue (just 6 points difference between first and second place!)

1st- Orange

Track and field winners Year 8

5th- Red


3rd- Blue

2nd- Orange (just 7 points between first and second place!)

1st- Green

Track and field winners Year 9

5th- Yellow

4th- Red

3rd- Orange

2nd- Blue

1st- Green 

Track and field winners Year 10

5th- Green

4th- Yellow

3rd- Orange

2nd- Red (just 5 points between first and second place!)

1st- Blue

Track & Field Winners year 12

5th – Red

4th – Yellow

3rd – Orange

2nd – Blue

1st – Green

Overall Sports day winners including Rounders and Football

5th- Yellow

4th- Red

3rd - Orange

2nd - Green

1st - Blue


You can browse a gallery of Sports Day 2013 in the PE curriculum area.

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