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Year 8 Geography Trip to Commonwork Farm

Sustainable food choices

On Tuesday 9th July a group of Year 8 students went to Commonwork farm in Kent to found out the mechanics of how a dairy farm works and to see the sustainable ways which were featured there. Many of us had never been to a dairy farm; it was enriching to see how it worked- where the cows ate, slept and were milked on a daily basis to provide organic pasteurised milk (milk which has been boiled at a high level to reduce any chance of bacteria). Even if it was smelly it broke down the stereotype of which many of us conceived when we were going.

Another reason for why our day out on the farm was so beneficial to us was because it showed us how the farm used biomass to aid growing plants and vegetables. The compost which they used was sourced locally and on site from rotting plants, vegetable and fruit peels, however their produce was abundant and healthy looking. We also looked at the different ways we can be sustainable with our food choices and shopping habits. For example we had to make comparisons between different types of shopping bags and consider which ones were better for the environment - of course the plastic bags came last on our list. All in all even though it was a slightly smelly day out, it was certainly intellectually challenging.  

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