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Commemoration Service 2017

Our annual Commemoration Service celebrates the school's birthday however, we often use it for more than that. This year we reflected on the fact that our Church of England School is a place that supports the place of protest in the world, as we strive for all that is truthful, worthy, pure, honourable and just (to quote from Philippians 4).
It has been 500 years since Luther made his protest against the ways of the Church of the day. This protest changed the trajectory of the established Christian faith for ever. As we look around the world in these days, there is much that needs changing. Protests are happening regularly in our capital, as people seek to make their voice heard against regimes that seem to favour injustice and dishonour over all that is good. And so we conveyed that in our service, where banners, readings and protest posters were created and presented, by students of the school, to portray the sense of injustice they feel regarding the issues at the heart of our House charity themes. These link with our ethos - to be a reflective, compassionate, supportive, inclusive and transformative school which encourages students to make a positive difference in the world.
As ever there was fantastic student involvement in the creation and execution of the service. This was complemented enormously by the two choirs who sang both religious and secular songs which reflected the theme of the service, concluding in a moving rendition of Somewhere from West Side Story - suggesting hope for a better world.
  1. Reading 1 Head Girl opl
  2. Reading 2 Environment opl
  3. Reading 3 Human Rights opl
  4. Reading 4 Overseas aid opl
  5. Reading 5 Mental Health
  6. Reading 6 Social Welfare

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