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Nikon Photography School

Nikon Photography School

Following on from the Art Department’s amazing partnership with the Nikon Photography School in Oxford Circus, we were given the opportunity to invite
Year 9, 10 and 11 students on free places on the Nikon Photography school course. 
This was an amazing opportunity for our talented creative students, as they were given the experience of using top range equipment in a professional studio setting. They were also taught by a professional photographer and learnt all aspects of how to use a SLR camera manually. We are hoping that more students will continue to get the chance to go on the course at the school so watch this space!

Mrs Bowens

We were very lucky to go and visit a Nikon Photography School where we were spoilt with loads of cool cameras to play around with! As well as the chance to allow our creative juices to flow and shoot some incredible photos, we had Neil Freeman, a professional photographer, show us some tricks of the trade! We entered into the unknown territory of aperture, shutter speed and ISO, which when combined correctly, is the recipe for the perfect photograph! After a fun packed day, I didn’t want to give the camera back! However if there’s something I learnt from that day, I learnt that every shot we take is a privilege and we should use each press of the shutter wisely! There is no such thing as a bad picture however you learn something to improve from each picture you take. So after that amazing opportunity, I will try to improve my photography skills so I can get off Auto mode.

Stefany Uzoh 9Y


At Nikon we learnt an array of camera techniques – for example, shutter speed and lighting. All of which has helped us with our GCSE work. It was very interesting and innovative as we got be models and photographers for the day. At the end we had a competition to create the best photographic image, based on the skills we learnt during the workshop – which my group won!

Zoe Gyamfi 10G

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