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Ski Trip 2014!

During Easter, from 5 – 12 April, 27 students and five teachers went skiing in Andorra for a week. Although the journey was a long one, our coach drivers were lovely and our coach was comfortable enough. Girls and staff brought a large supply of DVDs, snacks, travel pillows and of course great company – all of which helped us arrive at Andorra ready for action!


The trip included skiing for five days, with lessons in the mornings and the afternoons. The beginners were split into two teaching groups, whilst the experienced skiers explored the mountains. We had a hot lunch on the slopes each day, and enjoyed plenty of sunshine! The exception was the last day, when a vicious hailstorm forced an abrupt end to the last skiing session.


Each evening, we did something different. Our activities included bowling, ice-skating, a quiz and even a disco! Older girls managed to get a bit of revision in as well – on the balcony, whilst sunbathing.



The hotel we stayed at (Vita) was comfortable and food was really good, although some girls ate more chips in a week than they normally do in month! The wi-fi at the lobby was well and truly used to its maximum capacity during the hours of leisure and relaxation. It was also nice to see our girls make friends with some Spanish students who were sharing our corridor in the hotel.


Overall, it was a fantastic trip. Not only has no one broken any limbs, but everyone had lots of fun and learnt a fantastic new skill. We aim to plan another ski trip for 2016.


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