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White Cube Gallery Visit

In the pink at the White Cube

Our year 10 and 11 Art Students had the opportunity to visit the White Cube gallery in Bermondsey. This term the students were able to see the works of three artists:
Franz Ackermann who explores the ideas of urban areas undergoing rapid growth and development, Daren Almond, who has produced a series of photographs, which have been taken under the light of a full moon using long exposure, (enabling details undetectable to the human eye to be revealed) and He Xiangyu a conceptual Chinese artist, who uses a range of media to articulate cultural and social concerns.

Student Voices:

‘I thought that the gallery visit to the white cube was very interesting and inspiring. This is because the pieces on display were very unique. For example, one of the rooms within the
gallery created an illusion that we were inside of the artist’s mouth. The artist He Xiangyu did this by painting the walls of the room pink and covered the floor with a pink carpet. He created small copper casts of his teeth and placed them randomly within the room. As the viewers of the piece we were able to touch and feel the rough surfaces of the cast and the smooth texture of the carpet within the room.’

Elizabeth Quaynor 11G

‘When visiting the works depicted by Franz Ackerman, my initial impression was a sudden
surge of excitement. The use of bold strong colours highlighting urbanization at its finest
was really inspirational. It was also really interesting to see how this topic could be portrayed through cubism. The artist explored mixed media using watercolour drawings, photography
and acrylic paintings.’

Zoe Gyamfi and Jessica Quaynor 10G



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