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Science Week - The Evidence


This year’s Science week saw lots of action. Girls were offered free fruit at breaktimes and our Sixth formers helped with handing these out. There was a variety of events and workshops throughout the week and we hope that everyone enjoyed it and took part in something.

Zoo lab (year 7)

Year 7 science classes had a special treat on Friday 21st March: ZOOLAB workshop! Our visitor brought a range of exotic animals to show our students and talked about habitats, adaptations, classification and food chains which ties in well with our year 7 Scheme of Work. Animals included frogs, snakes, millipedes and tarantulas, all of which seemed quite friendly, and students were allowed to handle them. Whilst some girls loved touching a snake, others preferred to observe from a (safe) distance!

CSI lessons (Years 7 and 8)

Year 7 and 8 science lessons became crime scenes during Science week, and our students – murder detectives. Classes had to find out who killed Mr Laing through conducting a series of forensic tests. These included chromatography, finger printing, flame tests and pH tests. The lessons were engaging and fun and we wish to thank our technicians for making these possible.

Dulux paint project (year 9)

Year 9 students enjoyed a special project in Science week, organised by Mr Laing. Experts from Dulux provided materials for an unforgettable set of lessons. Girls worked in teams. Their task was to design a paint for a purpose of their choosing. This quest involved scientific testing of paint: for opacity, toughness, texture and colour matching. In addition to these, girls also had to consider costs and possible business ventures. This was a great cross-curricular project, and we hope to continue our partnership with Dulux in the future.

Lunchtime sessions

Lunchtime activities were organised by science teachers and were well attended by KS3 students.

Mentos and Coke was especially exciting - Mr Gray, surrounded by a huge number of excited girls made a coke fountain, by carefully dropping a mentos into a bottle of coke. Needless to say, some splashing was inevitable…

The whizz bang activity was organised by Dr Shah, Mr Quartey and Mr Race. Exciting demonstrations included holding fire, crushing cans, magic bouncing balls, oh and some girls’ hair stood up as Mr Race charged the Van de Graaf generator!

Ms Baldwin’s spaghetti tower-building competition resulted in some beautiful, though leaning - towers of pasta. The highest and most stable tower was designed by a group of girls in 7Y.

Forces and eggs

As part of year 11 Physics revision on Tuesday 18th March, students were shown some strange experiments with eggs (raw and cooked) and asked to explain them using forces and pressure. For example, did you know you could separate a yolk from the egg white without getting your hands dirty or touching the eggs, simply using an empty water bottle? If you find this confusing, ask Cheryl Bartels in 11R to explain…


Students and staff had the opportunity to test their science knowledge by attempting science quizzes. These were organised by Ms Kouppas. Winners are unknown at the time of writing but we look forward to revealing all in the end of term assembly.

Bonn Physics show

On a slightly more advanced note, on Saturday 22nd March four of our promising Physics students in years 10, 12 and 13 went to see an exciting Physics production in central London: the Bonn Physics show. This science was told through a story, with a wide range of exciting demonstrations, making Physics come alive. Abiola Kareem in 10G said she really enjoyed it and came to her Physics lesson asking about the Higgs Boson.


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