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Engineering Trip

The year 11 GCSE Engineers recently visited the Velodro bike shop, 5 minutes walking distance from SSSO.

Every year the exam board AQA focuses on a different product. The students are given 6-8 weeks to research the product for the May exam.  The visit to the bike shop in the Tower Bridge Road offered students hands on experience as well an excellent talk from the owner, Vitas Dronseika. The focus of the visit was on materials, gears and brakes.  The girls took notes, pictures and videos with the library ipads.  On their return to school they shared these notes with the group on a learning platform.  

Students said "It was good to get out of the class room and learn in the different environment" and that they "liked the fact that we had taken pictures that we could refer to later".

"We learnt about more than just brakes and gears". "We got to learn about the different materials and manufacturing processes with someone who works with and knows bikes." 

I think the visit was a hit for our students, with one student saying "It was good to be introduced to our pre-liminary material in a fun and practical way."

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