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Commemoration Service

Commemoration Service 2014

The whole school community engaged in another fantastic service of Commemoration and thanksgiving on Wednesday 12th March. As always, Southwark Cathedral was packed with all the students, staff, governors and special guests, as we worshipped God and reflected on the many blessings we all receive at SSSO.

The theme of the service was ‘Home’. Through audio recordings of nearly 100 members of the school community (including Governors, teaching staff, support staff, cleaners and, of course, many girls) we considered how we understand the concept of home, and how our native countries, London, our school and our faith, provide us with many of the central themes of love, security and refuge.

The service was full of moving moments as well as much joy as we heard these recordings and listened to three wonderful choirs singing a range of anthems and Gospel songs, all focusing us on God’s presence, with us as a school community. There was much to reflect on visually too, with banners on the pillars and a dance performed.


Throughout the service, from The Dean – Andrew Nunn, our chaplain – Imogen and the Bible passages – both Old and New Testament, we rooted our service in the unchanging love of God. Present with Abram as the Father of Judaism; present as Christ, God incarnate on earth; and present as the Holy Spirit working through us today.

As we congratulate the girls on all their many and varied contributions, we must also remember how lucky we are to be part of a school that values everyone as precious, made in the ‘image’ of God. A God who we heard, is the same yesterday, today and forever.


You can download the audio clips made for the service below.



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